Hello, It’s Me. I Have No Way Of Knowing Who You Are, And Though That Creeps Me Out, I’m Going With It

I said I wasn’t going to write future posts in the third person but then this morning I filled out the “about me” box and I like how it came out, even though I wrote it in the third person. And since I’m currently too stupid to figure out how to get it on the website menu (I hope to be smarter someday soon), and I was happy with what I wrote, I decided to make it a post all on it’s own. It may give you people some further insight into what you’re in for if you read or follow this blog. It won’t hurt you at all and I hope you enjoy it:

John Duffy is a generally optimistic, rather thin, obssessive-compulsive 52 year-old second-generation Irish-American husband, father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, home owner, bleeding-heart liberal Roman-Catholic, dog and cat owning animal lover, gardener, bird watcher, amateur musician, careful listener, passionate coffee drinker, news junkie, comedy afficionado, Mets fan, Subaru-driving, upstate traveling, smart ass Long Islander proudly born, raised and residing in South Valley Stream, NY.  He’s often sad about the world going to hell, but he keeps on keepin’ on. If you would like to take a long walk or have a catch or play chess or whiffle ball or go somewhere where birds visibly outnumber people, he’s in. He has a job, at which he works very hard and in which he takes pride but believes that it is a slippery slope to define yourself primarily in terms of how you make money. He is locked in a lifelong lover’s quarrel with the human race, and tries to hate the right people. When he’s shuffled off his mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible, he hopes that his obituary will read: “Nice guy. Too bad. “

2 Replies to “Hello, It’s Me. I Have No Way Of Knowing Who You Are, And Though That Creeps Me Out, I’m Going With It”

  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog. My mom and I read yours and it is funny how we live so far away but have much in common. My dad is from Valley Stream and lives for coffee and loves to walk forever. We have dogs and three cats. I am 11 like your son. My brother loves electricity, probably because my dad is an electrical engineer. My mom is an artist and works as an event photographer and watches every liberal political show she can find. We love to garden and are getting chickens! So, welcome to the blog world. I hope you and your family enjoy my posts.


  2. That’s great. It’s like a parallel universe, except for the chickens. :-). I appreciate the feedback, and you write very maturely for your age. I’m looking forward to following your blog as well. I’m taking about a week off, but I hope to hear from you again in the future. Give your dog and cats some good pets from us. 🙂


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