UL Listed Dimmer Switch


The Dude created this light dimmer using a tupperware container. I think I can safely guarantee that the previous sentence has never been written before in the 1400-year history of the English Language. The dimmer switch controls two lamps above and next to his bed. Since he likes to sleep with some light on, and Dad keeps saying he should get used to sleeping with the light off, it was a smart compromise. All the wiring is inside the tupperware, and safely taped, with a line out that plugs into the power.

The Tupperware Dimmer is right up there with my All-Time Favorite Dude Inventions: The Kitty Litter Jug Vacuum Cleaner and The Styrofoam Cooler Fog Machine / Dehumidifier, both of which ran their course and were eventually disassembled, their components salvaged and either reused or thrown away when The Dude wasn’t looking. (We have to be careful what we throw away around here. Once he grows out of that, we’re gonna have one bitchin’ garage sale).

The Dude insists the dimmer switch is perfectly safe and since the house hasn’t burned down yet I would have to agree. When I was remarking again recently about what a good idea it was, he said, “Yeah. But I’d probably been better off using a junction box instead of a tupperware container. Still, I think I could get it UL listed.”

Never a dull moment.


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