Welcome To Duffy’s Creek

OK, from what I can tell in the picture, it’s about a guy named Duffy who lives on a creek and he has a very large labrador retriever. That would be a start. It’s really about a guy named Duffy who lives on a creek with a very unique 11 year-old boy and a pretty, smart, hardworking, creative wife, plus a 4 year-old yellow lab with weight management issues and the heart of Jesus, though he’s named after Mookie Wilson, and three cats, Lyle, Allie and Sunny, all of whom have very distinct personalities, because they’re cats. That was a good sentence, wasn’t it?

Anyway, what’s Duffy going to write about? Well, first of all you should know that Duffy is not good at anything except writing, and in future posts he’ll refer to himself in the first person, so you might enjoy reading his “content”. (It’s sort of a creepy term, so he put it in quotes). In addition to stories about his dog and his son (that have gone over real well among a hundred or so people on facebook) he has many interests, and perhaps you might share some of these. He and his wife have spent oodles of money they didn’t have creating a beautiful garden space in their backyard, so he knows a lot about growing things, and you may just learn a thing or two when he gets around to writing about it. He is, sadly, a life-long follower of the New York Mets. (And you just said, “I knew that because he named his dog after Mookie Wilson”). If you decide to follow along, be advised you’ll have to hear about The Mets for better or worse. When they’re particularly awful, he will refer to them as “The Mutts.”

The creek on which Duffy lives has a real name, and that name is Valley Stream, which is the name of the town on Long Island where Duffy has been going around in circles for most of 52 years, except for ten months in a mansion on a hill in Sea Cliff and three and a half years on the second floor of a house on a six-lane highway in Lynbrook. Duffy and his little family visit a little idyllic town called Copake Falls, NY once or twice a year, and though Duffy feels very strongly about Valley Stream, to the point where he occasionally involves himself in civic affairs, he’d ditch this overpopulated hellhole tomorrow if he could and move upstate. But he can’t, so here he stays. He also loves the Adirondack Mountains, thanks to his parents, who took him and his two older brothers and two older sisters to a place called Camp Lavigerie in Onchiota, NY every summer from 1966 to 1975. You’ll hear about that eventually.

Duffy knows a lot about birds and a little about cooking. He is a bleeding-heart, pro-union Obama liberal whose stance on most social issues is “do whatever the hell you want, I don’t care.” He despises guns and greed. He can keep up a conversation by knowing a a thing or two about many, many things that come up as questions on Jeopardy, which he watches religiously.

In short, this blog is about nothing and everything. It has no real axis point. It’s free-form jazz, and therefore Duffy expects it to be years and years until it catches on, but he’s planning on sticking with it. Duffy has a job, by the way, which is none of your goddamned business until the day it’s safe to write about it, (And Lord, when that day comes..) He’s not going to write about a specific thing or work in product placements all the time to try to generate advertising, although he loves Dr. Pepper, his Subaru Outback, Ace Hardware Stores and Jif Peanut Butter. This is a labor of love. Duffy loves to write. This blog is an attempt to stop being lazy about that. It is 12:24 AM, and Duffy, who suffers from painfully debilitating OCD, should have been asleep by now, so that will have to be enough to get this thing started. Happy to meet you, and I’ll see you next time. (Hah! First Person!).


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